Dear Mr. Kulig

I’m Raúl Pérez, Key Account Manager in Projar.


First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to see this preview of what we consider would be of your interest.

I’m looking forward to talk with you and define Costa Farms’ needs and how Projar could help .


We like to be more than vendors.


We are partners of our customers, we love to talk about projects where we work together and focused on finding solutions to your business objectives.

Projar technicians in Canada with growers


You will have a Key Account Manager focused on your production and its performance.

Our technical team will study your case and advise you about the best technical options for your production.


The solution will go our customer’s valuation phase under our supervision and with the supply of all the technology associated.


Our Agronomists supervise on-site the production and its productivity results.



Herku tray for ornamental propagation
herku tray for ornamental propagation

Propagation trays


Being partners of trays leader brand Herkuplast®, offers you the possibility to customize trays adapted to automation production and plant’s growing needs. These are long-lasting trays as they are made of recycled polystyrene and can be washed, grinded and again be used for the production of recycled film.


The Paperpot trays are also designed to ornamental cutting with different models for each production requirement.


See propagation trays porfolio

Sustainable growing pots

Sustainable growing containers


Sustainability also gets its importance within the horticultural sector with crop-growing media with a smaller footprint. Thus, we supply 100% plastic recycable growing containers as the result of innovation and technology research to continue answering growers needs.


1-gallon containers with high stacking feet to ensure good drainage and isolate the substrate from the soil avoiding the excess of moisture in the root.


substrates for blackberry

Custom soil mixes for premium crops


Our more than 30 years of experience sourcing raw materials and manufacturing substrates, give us a wide knowledge of custom soil mixes for every type of crop and grower conditions.


We supply high-quality white and black peatmoss from the Baltic States. In our factories in Spain and Latvia we manufacture customized pre-mixed growing media in different packagings.

Experience of 35 years on sourcing and mixing growing media.

India & Sri Lanka facilities

Coir blends


After 35 years sourcing and 15 years with owned manufacturing, we can offer a wide range of different structures and EC values depending on crop neeeds.


We started as buyers and became manufacturers. We learnt the hard way.


This new system offer growers with a semi-hydroponic solution.

  • Better yields.
  • Rapid and strong root development.
  • Soil improver.
  • We offer nutrigation assistance for evaluation trials.


Raúl Pérez
Key Account Manager

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