Innovative SME certification

Projar receives Innovative SME certification for its research projects

Projar has been granted with the Innovative SME certification by the Science and Innovation Ministry.

With this certification, Projar’s trajectory in this field is recognized as well as our bet in investigation, technology development and innovation. “We are very thankful for this public recognition to Projar’s efforts in being in the innovation’s forefront”, says Vicente Franch, Project Manager in Projar’s Innovation, Marketing and Communication Department. “Undoubtedly it is an incentive to continue developing new projects at the service of the horticulture and the environment”.

This seal has been given to Projar for receiving public finance for the 0 e-MISION project within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technology Innovation or the State Plan of Scientific Innovation and Technical Innovation. 

hydroponic growing easyfruit

Innovation, inside Projar's DNA

Innovation has always been a mainstay since our beginnings. In close collaboration with research centers and public institutions, important projects has been carried out for the improvement in horticulture and the sustentability of procedures. 

“For several years, we have developed innovation projects in cooperation with institutions of reference in various fields. In 2010 Innovation department was created in order to consolidate one of the mainstais of Projar”, explains Franch. 

Among our projects, we can highlight our solutions for the hydroponic growing of fruit trees Easyfruit, the development of new substrates and hydroponic growing techniques, or the research in SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems). 

“We firmly believe in the value of ideas and we are conscious that human creativeness and innovation is an inexhaustible source. Thus, we promote creative workflows and methodologies that allow us to keep evolving”, adds Franch.

0 e-MISSION project

One of our latest projects in Innovation and by which we have received public funding is 0 e-MISSION, a new generation of energetic use systems of residual biomass without emissions. “The investigation considers new concepts related to combustion equipments that allow a higher control of the process and an energetic use of new fuel sources” explains Vicente. “Through the development of a emissions bio-filter, ou aim is to profit CO2 optimally to produce vegetal materia through intensive hydroponic cultivations in greenhouses”.

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