Root Start for an optimal transplant


RS8, the revolutionary substrate of Projar

Root evolution up to 50% faster, helping the development and growth of plants during transplantation
“Many of the problems of implantation of the crop have to do with that initial development of the roots in their new environment, a young plant has difficulties to develop in soils depleted by extreme use or on excessively hard and compact terrain”.


José Manuel García – Agronomist



Apply the substrate in the planting hole.


Facilitate the first radicular progress in a more friendly environment.


Get stronger and more productive plants.


We have introduced worm humus into the substrate.

Increasing humic and organic substances

Increasing plants rooting volume

Improving the Cation- exchange capacity

Providing nutrients for the plant and soil microbiology.


The RS8 is composed of a perfectly studied mixture of blond peat and coir.


Blond peat favors the rooting of the plant. Coir in high proportion provides great water retention capacity, excellent rewetting and optimal levels of nutrient retention and cation exchange.


This powerful mixture promotes the development of a vigorous root system.

  • Roots will expand almost twice as fast during the first two weeks
  • The frequency of irrigation can be reduced without causing stress for the plant.
  • We can reduce human labor due to attend plants water needs.
  • Less costs for water consumption and plants replacements due to inadaptation to the soil.
  • Strengthening the neck of the plant and its rapid development.
  • The death of plants due to lack of compatibility with the soil will be reduced.

Download the technical sheet of the RS8 to discover all the advantages it can offer you

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