The potential of horticulture

The potential of the horticulture sector within the COVID-19 global crisis

The potential of the horticulture sector within the COVID-19 global crisis

The global alarm situation caused by the COVID-19 virus has valued now more than ever the importance of the horticulture production. Growers all over the world are working hardly to continue collecting their crops and not to break the supply chain in any of its production phases.

The COVID-19 virus enforces the horticulture production value

Fruits and vegetables are an essential good that humans need to consume at least five times a day. In consequence, the producers must satisfy this global demand in the most professional and sustainable way.

In Projar we work to guarantee the products and raw materials needed by the producers according to this increasing demand. Our substrates and coir fiber factories are actively working to accomplish our compromise with our customers.

We are conscious about our role in this situation and we want to guarantee our service from the young plant propagation to the crop production. All with the maximum guarantees of health and prevention according to recommendations of the official health institutions.

Our experience and long history in the horticultural sector have given us the necessary tools to overcome unpredictable crisis like this one.  Surely, with the collaboration and responsibility of all the society, we will overcome this situation soon.

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