coir peat manufacturers

Our role in the coir peat industry

The beginnings

In the nineties, Projar initiated the introduction of coir peat in the Spanish market to respond to an increasing demand of horticulture technology from the Spanish producers.

During these years, we achieved a huge knowledge about the behaviour of coir peat in the crop and its benefits with the constant feedback with our customers.

The firsts steps in the coir manufacturing

In the 2000s Projar began to export coir products in order to satisfy the growing demand both in Spain and in other markets. Moreover, the company decided to reinforce its presence in Sri Lanka and India with the start-up of its own coir factories. At the same time, strategic alliances were stablished with other manufacturers.

Projar, more than coir peat manufacturers

At present, our know-how and expertise in the field, give us the strength to obtain an international position. We do not only produce coir products, we also offer a complete service with a prepared commercial team, high manufacturing capacity and logistics with international coverage.

We currently have teams specialized in quality, logistics and agronomic advice at the service of our customers, so their experience with us exceed their expectations.

Our quality control team inspects the different points of the process and ensures the highest quality of our products. From the selection of the best raw materials to the elaboration of recipes made to order, processing, packaging and even the palletized.

Besides, the international logistics team provides constant support to our customer and gives continuous monitoring and information about the status of our shipments.

We also offer technical advice from our team of expert agronomists on the use of coir, both for growers who are starting to cultivate using this technology and for those who already have extensive experience. The objective is to exchange information on best management practices.

Moreover, we have product development capacity, with a specialized team that designs the coir peat mixtures, formats and containers adapting them to the needs of our customers.

Our value lies in providing customized high-quality coir products within a service that responds to the customers needs. If you need our manufacturing support or technical advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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