HerkuPlast Propagation Trays

At Projar we offer a wide range of products for horticultural propagation such us the high quality HerkuPlast trays.

HerkuPlast designs and produce propagation systems of highest quality “Made in Germany”. Over many years HerkuPlast has gained unique expertise and knowledge in design and production of propagation trays in thermoformed plastic.

New designs are often developed in close cooperation with plant propagators in a short time.

Proven propagation systems for rational production


HerkuPlast trays are designed with large base holes to enable easy plant extraction and allow 100% automation. The cut-in-arch base ensures best drainage and optimal aeration of the root zone. Also, this special design allows secure interlocking of the trays when stacked on top of each other. Strong built-in stacking lugs ensure secure stacking and easy separation of the trays by hand or on any destacking device.

Best rooting and plant development


The big base hole in combination with the root-guidance ribs guarantee optimal root development and plant growth.

Wide product range


HerkuPlast propagation systems come in a wide range from 576 to 4 cells and offer an optimal solution for nearly any crop.

QuickPot®-trays are the strong and durable propagation trays


QuickPot®-trays are made of extra strong polystyrene. under normal conditions  and treated with care, QuickPot®-trays will last 10 and more years and are the most economic solution in plant propagation trays.

Their quality and rigidity allow for optimal handling and trouble-free operation on all atomatic systems.

For almost every model there is a suitable push-out plate available to make plant removal very easy and efficient.

Moreover, they can safely be disinfected chemically or by heat treatment (max. 70° C!) The smooth surface makes cleaning very easy.

HerkuPak® is the light, cost efficient alternative


The HerkuPak® range of trays are manufactures with the same criteria regarding precision and quality.

Designed as a light version with reduced material thickness these trays are a cheaper alternative to the strong Quickpot®

The HerkuPak® trays are made to work safely on all automatic machines and can easily be reused several times.

The material thickness has been optimized to ensure best efficiency with manual or automatic systems.

Trays for different segments


Growers will find a huge range of trays for the propagation of young plants, berries, vegetables, ornamental plants or fruit plants.

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