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Does customizing coir fiber packaging save costs for the producer?

Does customizing coir fiber packaging save costs for the producer?

Being manufacturers of substrates and coir fiber allows us to have the creative and productive capacity to personalize the product to the customer’s requirements. From the substrate mixtures to the container, we have a specialized design and quality team prepared to apply the necessary adjustments so that the product is what the crop requires, and the producer needs.

The customization of the container refers to the fact that the container leaves the factory with the drainage and planting holes already made. This is a phase that sooner or later the farmer will have to carry out when the coir fiber arrives compressed in coir slabs (Grow Bag).

However, it does not have to be a task for the farmer if he chooses to personalize the slabs with the holes made and ready to reach the production area and plant.

Why choose packaging customization from the factory?

Obviously, to make the planting holes on the customer’s packaging has an extra cost to the manufacture of coir fiber. But it does not entail a higher cost than the one that the producer must assume if the task is carried out by himself or his workers.

Each production and case are different and there are many variables to take into account to determine the real cost. But, from Projar we wanted to make an estimate on the savings that the producer would get if he ordered the coir fiber slabs with the planting holes from the factory.

The results obtained have been calculated based on variables such as the number of planting holes per crop unit, the average cost of labour (€ / hour) and different planting densities per hectare. Based on this, the following estimating results have been reached:

coir fiber


As we can see in the graphic, the savings can reach up to 519% if the farmer chooses to personalize their coir fiber slabs with the drainage and planting holes from the factory.

Our aim is to help growers to increase their productive yields. Thus, our Design and Agronomic teams work together to customize our products to the customers needs. If you look for not only a product, but also a complete technological service, contact us.

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