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Coco peat composition

Which coco peat composition is suitable for my production?

The coco peat is a raw material which is used in horticulture due its properties and benefits. But the producer has to know which composition of coir fiber is the most suitable depending on his crop needs. In our factory we process the coco peat in different granulometries to get products adaptable to the specific conditions in which they will be used.

First, it is important to consider three parameters to decide which composition is suitable for a specific production. These are the level of technology installed on the nursery, the clime conditions where the production is placed and the production needs.

Considering these parameters, we provide four different mixtures developed by our agronomic technicians: standard, balance, superior and premium.

The coco peat composition that fits with your production

Standard composition

This coco peat composition is designed for warm weather with high periods of solar radiation. Thanks to its capacity of water retention, it is able to avoid the hydric stress.

Its handling is easy, and the producer can achieve homogeneous productions. Its use is recommended for a period of 1-2 years.

coco peat composition standard

coco peat composition standard

The standard composition is indicated to the hydroponic production of berries, vegetables (pepper, tomato, cucumber, zucchini…), fruits (cantaloupe and watermelon) and other productions as citrus and olives.

Our recommendation is to use this coco peat granulometry in the hydroponic production of raspberries. It is also suitable for the cucumber production due to its evapotranspiration capacity.

Balance composition

The balance composition is suitable for tropical climes with periods of high solar radiation in combination with other of cold temperatures and low solar radiation. Its handling is simple, and it is indicated for the nursery production of vegetables and fruits. Its life cycle is around 2-3 years. 

coco peat composition balance

coco peat composition balance

According to our recommendation, this coco peat granulometry is perfect to produce raspberry and strawberry and for vegetables as tomato, pepper and eggplant.

Superior composition

This composition is also suitable for warm and tropical climes in combination with others with cold temperatures and low solar radiation. It requires a medium level of knowledge about the crop management and its technology.

coco peat composition superior

coco peat composition superior

This composition is mainly used for growing tomato, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry and raspberry.

Premium composition

This coco peat granulometry is conceived for cold climes with low solar radiation and for productions that have low tolerance to humidity. Its aeration capacity avoids the stress produced by root asphyxiation. It also reduces the fungi problems caused by the cold temperatures.

Our technicians always recommend this composition to producers who want to change from rock wool to coir fiber without modifying the irrigation system. It requires a high-level knowledge about the management of crop technology.

coco peat composition premium

coco peat composition premium

Our recommendation is to use this composition in hydroponic productions of blueberry. The roots of blueberry plant require a good drainage and a high content of organic material. It is very sensible to the hydric excess and this mixture fits perfect to its growth needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about our coco peat mixtures. Our agronomic experts will guide to find the best technical solution for your production.

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