Interview with Juan Manuel García about the AGRO+ Projar Support Solutions service in Peru

40 years of experience in cultivation allow us to advise our customers in their decision making. In Peru we have been working with farmers and berry producers for years, and we have always wanted to contribute all the knowledge of our experts to obtain the best results in hydroponic crops. A good product alone can be enough, but at Projar we always go one step further. That is why we have developed the AGRO+ Projar Support Solutions service.

On this occasion, Norma Rojas from Agronegocios Perú has interviewed our technician; Juan Manuel García. A great opportunity to spread the advantages of this service in America. Optimisation, profitability, personalised advice, improved production and many other aspects, with the aim of improving results and making the most of resources.

If you want to see the interview, click on this link: AGRO+ INTERVIEW

Many thanks to Agronegocios Perú for this article!

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