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PREMIUM: coir blend for blueberry that does not degrade

Blueberry has become the most produced berry in the world. Due to its healthy properties, the market demand has increased rapidly, and so its production. To be competitive in blueberry’s production, the horticultural technology has fastly developed as well with growing solutions as hydroponic, which all countries to become main producers without having appropiate soil for blueberry plant ‘s growth requirements

Blueberry plant adapts to a variety of climates and requires high relative humidity, but without reaching waterlogging, since it is sensitive to both root asphyxia and drought. In addition, it needs light and sandy soils, with good drainage capacity and a high content of organic matter.

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Regarding irrigation water, it must be of good quality without presenting salinity or excess of calcium, boron or chlorine. In summary, the blueberry plant needs soils with high porosity to develop.

When blueberry is grown hydroponically, the substrate must be of utmost quality so that it meets the aforementioned requirements and offers the plant’s root system the perfect and adequate environment to develop and make it productive.

That is why at Projar, we have developed the PREMIUM coir fiber blend especially indicated for plants with high drainage requirements, a high content of organic matter, and very sensitive to excess water, such as blueberry.

The PREMIUM blend is made up of 20% coir fiber and 80% chips. Its high proportion of chips helps to maintain the structure of this substrate. Due to the greater granulometry of the coir chip and the high content of lignin present in the fiber, PREMIUM blend provides greater stability to the substrate over time.

One of the most important characteristics of PREMIUM blend is that it does not degrade over the years, while other substrates with more fiber quantity become caked and require a contribution of additives, such as perlite, once the cultivation has reached the second or third year of production.

Choosing a substrate that is not suitable in crops as sensitive as blueberry, the grower can lose control over hydroponics, by not achieving expected drainage, nor a stability in the electrical conductivity of the substrate. Our PREMIUM coir blend guarantees a minimum degradation percentage while preserving the aeration and drainage properties in the root environment of the plant.

The blueberry plant requires high quality substrates and homogeneous mixtures that guarantee its good health, growth and productivity throughout the crop cycle. Also, having technical knowledge about fertigation management will help the producer to better control the endowments and the frequency of irrigation to the plant.

At Projar we offer agronomic advice in the cultivation of blueberries to increase productivity per plant through an adequate fertigation strategy. If you would like more information about our solutions for blueberry cultivation, our agronomic technicians will be happy to help you.

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