Projar guarentees its manufacturing, supply chain and logistics

Projar guarantees its manufacturing, supply chain and logistics despite the COVID-19 crisis


The COVID-19 virus has set up a global crisis with extreme consequences in all society aspects. In accordance with the recommendations of the official health institutions, in Projar we have implemented the prevention measures to protect the health of our workers and customers.

Since last 12th March, we have implemented the telework in all the departments that allow it. Our customer service points are still active at regular hours, as are our factories to continue supplying raw materials to horticultural producers.

The substrate and coco peat products supply are guaranteed

The objective of these measures is to guarantee that the production of fruit and vegetables does not stop in any of its phases: from the young plant propagation to the crop production. As manufacturers of growing media, we are conscious that the horticultural producer needs to ensure its production to supply the global market specially in extreme situations.

For this reason, our substrate factory located in Almería (Spain) continue its production to accomplish the present and future orders of our customers. The same situation is replied in our coco fiber factories based in India and Sri Lanka.

Being manufacturers of substrates and coco peat products allow us to maintain our production within this global alarm situation. These years of experience have strengthened our relations with the main global suppliers of raw materials. As well, our logistics team work permanently to manage the order deliveries in time and look for alternative solutions to our customers.

Surely with the collaboration and the responsibility of all the society we can overcome this situation soon.

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