Golden Grow Blend Medium Extra Coarse is specially designed for ornamental plant production in pot. This growing media comes from the mesocarp of the coconut and is intended for hydroponics and/or substrate. Homogeneous product that enables higher yield (expanded kilograms per liter) with a guaranteed quality.

This product is available in 5 kg blocks and briquettes.


  • Coco peat has a high water holding capacity (eight times its weight) combined with high porosity (95%) allows an excellent root aeration – oxygenation, producing more functional roots therefore improving plant nutrition and healthier plants.
  • Excellent re-wetting.
  • Light weight, easy handling.
  • Homogenous and stable structure; long lasting, superior to peat.
  • Totally organic, 100% natural, renewable source.
  • pH slightly acid: 5,5-6,5, suitable for most plants species..
  • Lightweight material ideal for reducing transport costs.

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