Dear Mario Aguas:

following with our intention of being a preferred supplier for OZBLU USA LLC, we are glad to have created this live website for future phase 4 project.


Tailor made coir mix.

coir fiber bag

Golden Grow Easyplanter Blueberry 40 L is a product specially designed for hydroponic cultivation of blueberry under Sebring/Venus climate conditions.


Elevator accesory for Easyplanter

elevator for pots

Air Root Elevator is robust and resistant thanks to its material and its UV treatment.
It allows a greater air flow around the base, improves drainge and lets light to enter this elevated area, which leads to self-induced root pruning.


Hose support

Berrystick fixes the irrigation hose over the top of the Easyplanter. It allows to better preserve the hose and facilitates handling in the crop, without blocking corridors or other areas.


We want to thank you for having had the oportunity of working with your reputated company.

We look forward to being of further help to you.

Thank you ...

… for giving us this opportunity.

Looking forward ...

… to be part of your future phase 4 project..

Let’s get in touch!

Raúl Pérez
Key Account Manager

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