Golden Grow Blend Medium Supreme is specially designed for ornamental plant propagation. This growing media comes from the mesocarp of the coconut and is intended for hydroponics and/or substrate. Homogeneous product that enables higher yield (expanded kilograms per liter) with a guaranteed quality.

This product is available in 5 kg blocks and briquettes.


  • Coco peat has a high water holding capacity (eight times its weight) combined with high porosity (95%) allows an excellent root aeration – oxygenation, producing more functional roots therefore improving plant nutrition and healthier plants.
  • Excellent re-wetting.
  • Light weight, easy handling.
  • Homogenous and stable structure; long lasting, superior to peat.
  • Totally organic, 100% natural, renewable source.
  • pH slightly acid: 5,5-6,5, suitable for most plants species..
  • Lightweight material ideal for reducing transport costs.

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